LUME-Lung 1 trial: efficacy, VARGATEF® + Docetaxel vs Placebo + Docetaxel

LUME-Lung 1 met its primary endpoint of PFS in the overall population

Median PFS was 3.4 months for VARGATEF® + docetaxel vs 2.7 months for placebo + docetaxel (HR: 0.79 [95% CI 0.68-0.92]; P=0.0019)1

OS in patients with adenocarcinoma histology: clinical evidence of 12.6 months median overall survival1

Median OS was 12.6 months vs 10.3 months for placebo + docetaxel (HR: 0.83 [95% CI 0.70-0.99]; P=0.0359)1

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Extending survival, even where you may not expect it1,2

The earlier the progression on 1st-line chemotherapy, the greater the survival advantage vs. docetaxel1,2

1-year survival rates1,2

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VARGATEF® + docetaxel  

Placebo + docetaxel 

  • Patients who progress within 9 months had close to a 50% chance to survive 12 months1,2*
  • Patients who did not respond to 1st-line chemotherapy still had a 43% chance to survive 12 months2

*Median time since diagnosis was 8.8 months in the VARGATEF® + docetaxel group and 8.6 months in the placebo + docetaxel group1

  1. Reck M et al. Lancet Oncol. 2014; 15:143-55 
  2. Publication in press
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